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Generic Flagyl Review

Brand(s): Flagyl / Metronidazole I.P.
Manufacturer: Piramal / Vikram

Generic Flagyl refers to antiprotozoal and antimicrobial medicines. The drug is highly effective with a broad spectrum of action and is a treatment for different infections that stops bacteria and protozoa growing.
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Metronidazole Tablet

The Generic drug Flagyl, internationally known as Metronidazole, refers to antiprotozoal and antimicrobial medicines. The active ingredient of the drug is metronidazole, which is a treatment for different infections that stops bacteria and protozoa growing. Metronidazole is included in the list of vital and essential medicines. Generic Flagyl is round yellow tablet, produced by Piramal or Vikram companies. It relates to nitroimidazole. Efficacy is in the interaction with DNA of a microbe and destruction of its structure, whereby more pathogen unable to reproduce. Because of this, the drug is highly effective with a broad spectrum of action.One another bactericidal broad-spectrum drug is Generic Bactrim 80mg, which you also can buy on our website.Also you can check out a cephalosporin antibiotic that kills or stops the growth of some bacteria and used to treat variety of infections - Generic Keflex 250mg online.


Take in is oral, during one hour it is absorbed almost 80% of the material, while the processes of absorption is not affected by food intake. The half-life of it is approximately nine o'clock. It spreads rapidly throughout the body: the liver and kidneys, lungs, skin, bile, semen, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, placental barrier and passes into breast milk. Patients with impaired renal functioning after repeated administration of the drug can be observed accumulation of metronidazole in the blood serum.

Generic Flagyl is used in such cases:

  • trichomoniasis (including chronic complications)
  • giardiasis
  • amebiasis and amebic liver abscess
  • infections caused by anaerobic bacteria (including peritonitis, abdominal abscess and liver endometritis, ovarian abscess, and fallopian tubes, postoperative complications, pneumonia, empyema, lung abscess, meningitis, brain abscess, skin infection, bone infection, sepsis; endocarditis)
  • prevention of complications in surgical interventions on the colon, with appendectomy, gynecological operations
  • mixed bacterial infection (aerobic and anaerobic), usually in combination with an antibiotic chosen accordingly and others

Contraindications in use are in such cases: impaired liver function; organic CNS disorders; lukopenia and other diseases of the hematopoietic system; hypersensitivity to nitroimidazole; pregnancy and breast-feeding; children's age (up to six years).

It is forbidden to combine Generic Flagyl with ethanol. Metronidazole in combination with alcohol causes negative reactions: vomiting, tachycardia, fever. Therefore, before taking the drug the patient warn about the incompatibility of drug and alcoholic beverages. Long-term use of the flag should be carried out under the control of blood parameters. In the case of having leukopenia, a further possibility of treatment depends on how large the risk of infections. When pregnancy Generic Flagyl has an impressive list of side effects, it cannot be used to treat pregnant women. The drug may have a negative effect on the fetus.

Side effects that can be caused are:

  • metallic taste and dry mouth
  • epigastric pain
  • dizziness, headache
  • nausea, diarrhea
  • polyuria, loss of appetite
  • irritability, arthralgia, candidiasis
  • pancreatitis, hallucinations,confusion, incoordination, peripheral neuropathy
  • ataxia, urinary incontinence
  • fever, nasal congestion.

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