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Another Huge Problem For Pfizer

Inhaled insulin did not bring the success to the World Pharm Company.

Having one of the most epic pharmaceutical failures, Pfizer is going take a charge of 2.8 billion dollars because of weak sales of diabetic drug. After only two years of its inhaled insulin producing, it took only 1% of the insulin market by its prescriptions and miserable sales. Pfizer said they would stop selling the product called Exubera.


This medicine was viewed as a goldmine, whether inhaled insulin never will be able to compete with conventional injectable insulin to treat diabetes. Some pharm companies still want to invest in researches with inhaled insulin, but Pfizer refused to develop and look for a replacement of it and don't know what to do with those plants that produced Exubera in Indiana and Germany.

The reason for the failure of the medicine is that, it is 'just not a practical way to treat this population', says a diabetes specialist Dr. Joel Zonszein.

Still when Pfizer had bad sales of it, they believed that Exubera was going to become very popular among people and physicians. But there were many questions about its cost, efficiency and safety, so patients needed to take several tests before and after starting use of Exubera. That appeared to be inconvenient for people. And taking into account that usual inject of insulin with a needle got lot less painful and habitually - nowadays, Exubera inhaler has a big size and looks like a tennis can or a bong for smoking marijuana.

Also there is another trouble for Pfizer - growth in sales of Pfizer prescription drugs decreased significantly due to price competition with generics. For example, the original brand Celecoxib has the similar generic version of the drug, called Generic Celebrex 100mg, which provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect. Another well-known example is Brand Viagra that has a variety of equal generic drugs of different types and forms. You can find as well as similar Generic Viagra 25mg, or a stronger and heightened edition in gelatin capsule with active herbaceous plants, called Viagra Super Active 100mg.

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