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Another huge problem for Pfizer - Inhaled insulin did not bring the success to the World Pharm Company

Having one of the most epic pharmaceutical failures, Pfizer is going take a charge of 2.8 billion dollars because of weak sales of diabetic drug. After only two years of its inhaled insulin producing, it took only 1% of the insulin market by its prescriptions and miserable sales. Pfizer said they would stop selling the product called Exubera.


FDA Issues Third Strike To Ranbaxy Laboratories

Because of the latest FDA actions, the final dedicated to US market Ranbaxy plant in India was banned to import their products to US. Also the similar import bans are still having the other 2 plants of Ranbaxy in India since 2008 year. The Mohali factory of Ranbaxy Laboratories was imposed an import ban because it didn't satisfy the US drug manufacturing requirements.


Erectile dysfunction. Causes and treatment

Nowadays there are a lot of different diseases around the world. In many cases they are familiar to both genders, but some of diseases can be related only to one gender. Such kinds of diseases refer to gynecological disorders. In case of male gynecological problems - it is an erectile dysfunction or also known as impotence. So what is an erectile dysfunction and how to treat it?

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What is better to choose - a generic or original drug?

In today's pharmaceutical business appeared a fairly new way of dealing with a monopoly - the largest manufacturer of so-called "original" brand products. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association gave name to these counterparts "Generics". They increasingly appear in large numbers being known as analogues of known drugs. So what is the difference between them and what to choose?

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