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About Vardenafil

Manufacturer: Bayer

Vardenafil is made to improve and maintain potency, as well as for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main difference between Levitra and other medicines for potency is that this drug starts to 'work' very quickly. This medication is a product developed on the basis of Viagra and contains additives that protect the Viagra molecule from effects of alcohol.
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What is Levitra®?

This a unique tablet oral drug for men with potency problems and made to improve and maintain potency, as well as for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Levitra box

The main difference between Vardenafil and other medicines for potency is that drug starts to 'work' very quickly. But you should notice that the anti-alcohol supplement works not long - for two or three hours alcohol destroys it, too.

This medicines doesn’t help those who have alcohol present in the blood constantly, but helps if the circumstances forced person to have a glass of vine, for example. The rest of the action of drug is the same as the effect of Viagra or of cheaper analogue.

Levitra blister

Due to the rapid absorption of Vardenafil by organism, blood flow to the penis occurs in 10-60 minutes and action of this medication lasts for 5-12 hours. It is well tolerated in the primary and secondary reception.

The substance of drug has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle of the penis. In addition, if it enters the body, Vardrnafil is observed to increased blood flow to the genitals. Active substance has high selectivity and does not affect other organs.

Levitra bottle

The typical daily dose is 10 mg. If this dose is not enough, you should consult your doctor, who may prescribe a larger dose of 20 mg. This is the maximum daily dosage and you should not exceed it. In the presence of liver failure the maximum dose should not exceed 5 mg.

Depending on the psychological condition, this period may be increased up to 25-60 minutes. Vardenafil is getting into the body, provides a stable erection, which, however, arises solely through sexual contact. In the absence of a natural erotic excitement, erection does not occur. The drug has excellent absorption and excellent tolerability in primary and repeated receptions.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Your sexual response will not get better if you take more. If you exceed the recommended dose or use Levitra with other medicines to treat impotence, it can cause undesirable side effects.

It is contraindicated to use Levitra together with nitrates containing drugs (donator of nitrogen) and alpha-blockers and for men with heart disease, anatomical deformation of the penis, severe liver diseases, a tendency to priapism.

In rare cases (mostly in overdose) may experience unpleasant side effects:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • rhinitis
  • blood flow to the face
  • dyspepsia

2 reviews:

Mike Sat, 04 May 19 13:08:04
excellent value for money! thank you for good discount!

Thank you for your comment

nikname Wed, 23 May 18 09:22:57
How does Levitra interact with alcohol?

Taking this drug only a small amount of alcohol will not do much harm to the male potency. Before taking with alcohol it is necessary to consult your doctor.

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