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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I have a prescription for getting a discount coupon?


Q: How long is a discount coupon applied?

A coupon is valid from 24 to 48 hours. Full information about the discount coupon comes along with it to your email.

Q: I have not received an email after registering of the coupon!

Check your spam folder. If you do not receive the reply, write about your problem in the Feedback section

Q: Can I get a reject using the discount coupon received on your site?

No. All coupons we offer are valid.

Q: How does your system work?

Our search engines find internet sites with a good reputation. More than 30 parameters are taken into account when ranking the trust to the Internet site. Next, in order to see whether opportunity to provide them with coupons we make a request to the site holder. If so, we add the website to our database.

Q: I ordered the drugs, using a coupon from your site, but I was not satisfied with the level of the provided service (the quality of the goods does not correspond to the description, the delivery time is violated). Are you responsible for this?

An online pharmacy where you used a coupon must be responsible mostly.In case of violation of rules by the Internet pharmacy, you can contact our support service via the Feedback form or send a complaint to indicating pharmacy's Internet address and the coupon received on our site. After checking the information we make a second request to the online pharmacy support service with a demand to compensate for the losses. If the answer is negative, this pharmacy will be added to the black list.

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