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Generic Vs Brand

What is better to choose - a generic or original drug?

In today's pharmaceutical business appeared a fairly new way of dealing with a monopoly - the largest manufacturer of so-called "original" brand products. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association gave name to these counterparts "Generics". They increasingly appear in large numbers being known as analogues of known drugs. So what is the difference between them and what to choose?


Branded product - it's the original drug, developed by major pharmaceutical companies, which are extending a global study on the efficacy and safety. The development, research and introduction to the further sale of these firms receive a patent for a period of 10-25 years. This patent is a kind of copyright on the drug. Sell branded drugs are beneficial - they are not cheap, have a new market for the pharmaceutical properties and are kind of unique.

When the term of the patent expires, and the drug is already widespread, many companies are beginning to release generics of the drug. Generic is not a complete copy of the drug, it is analog, which may differ in color, appearance, by bioavailability, for some additional properties, and of course the title (this is required) but the actual main active ingredient in generic drugs is the same. Generics are analogues drugs that do not have patent brand. They are usually made of cheaper raw materials in countries where labor is cheap, but not always. Quality generic depends on where and how it was made - China, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries massively engaged in generics, but their quality is terrible. But Europe generics quite compete with brand-name drugs.

If generic drug get approved, this means that it responds stringent standards established concerning authentication dosage, quality, purity, and efficacy.

All generic drugs are manufactured officially on the major pharmaceutical companies, in strict accordance with international quality standards (GMP).

In contrast to the brand manufacturers, generic companies do not need to spend huge sums on advertising, marketing and promotion, as well as on research and development. So when the term of a patent on the brand-name drug products ends and generics are allowed to compete with brand-name, generic drugs enter the competition by offering lower prices. Lower prices do not mean bad quality of the products. All drugs are tested in clinical trials to confirm their safety. The whole world enjoys cheaper generics, provided that the manufacturer has officially confirmed the quality of the product. Fans of the brand-name drugs are betting on the effect of the guarantee and security, which is time-tested. The choice is up to the buyer. The low cost of generics is making them an excellent alternative to brands. Remember, generic cannot be better than the original, but not inferior to him in efficiency.

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