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Kamagra Gold

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
This drug is an exact analogue of the Viagra brand and has some advantages: low price, high quality ingredients, unique shape and color of tablets, mild and long-lasting action.
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Sildenafil Gold by Ajanta?

This drug is a powerful treatment for impotence. Its active ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate) fully coincides with the active ingredient of Pfizer's Viagra. Kamagra® Gold is produced by the well-known Indian company Ajanta Pharma, which successfully produces many drugs for the treatment of all kinds of diseases, including drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra Gold


Kamagra Gold has a number of advantages over other drugs in this line. The active substance is of high quality and purity, which is achieved with modern equipment. The unique shape of the tablet and its color make it possible not to confuse the drug with other medicines. This is very important if you are taking additional medications. The effect of the drug occurs within 15 minutes and lasts about 6 hours. During this time, a man is able to produce 2-3 sexual intercourses, while the erection will remain at a high level.

Kamagra Gold blister


Another important advantage of Kamagra Gold is its price, thanks to our website you can get this drug at an even more attractive price. To do this, you need to get a discount coupon from us. Our intelligent system will select for you an Internet pharmacy with the lowest possible price and high confidence from other users. You can rest assured that Kamagra Gold tablets will be delivered as soon as possible.

Side effects

Side effects of Sildenafil are mild and safe (if used correctly and the doctor's recommendations are followed). Before using Kamagra Gold, read the instructions and consult your doctor. The most common side effects are:

  • headache;
  • flush to the face;
  • nausea;
  • deterioration of vision;
  • dry mouth.

We urge you to follow the rules for taking medications and do not recommend self-medication. Be healthy and enjoy life.

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