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Ranbaxy Laboratories

In September this year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an import alert to a third of Ranbaxy Laboratories manufacturing facility in India, because of a quality concernment.


Because of the latest FDA actions, the final dedicated to US market Ranbaxy plant in India was banned to import their products to US. Also the similar import bans are still having the other 2 plants of Ranbaxy in India since 2008 year. The Mohali factory of Ranbaxy Laboratories was imposed an import ban because it didn't satisfy the US drug manufacturing requirements. So the order prohibits Ranbaxy Laboratories from manufacturing and distributing drug products made by Ranbaxy, providing them to other companies with US customers or exporting them for any purpose to United States.

This situation, when more and more Indian plants don't comply with current good manufacturing practices, strengthens and shows importance of the 10 Star Commitment introduction. That was a great step in putting safety ahead of profits, a great change and proud to Canada Drugs serving and standing 100% behind their products.

The Commitment of first world medicines (10 Star Commitment) do not permit any shortcuts or compromises and that gives access to the best generic and brand products from the worldwide supply chains of US, UK, Australia, new Zealand and Canada. Due to it we have quality and safe pharmaceutical products.

Roger Bate, a respected pharm industry analyst, published an article, where he says, that even known as the "best" Indian companies have 20% results of their product's unsafe (even under WHO standards). So, it is better to pay a few more for reliable products from the first world companies.

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