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Tadalis® Sx Reviews

Tadalis Sx
Tadalis Sx
Brand(s): Tadalis Sx
Manufacturer: Ajanta

Nowadays achievements of modern pharmacology are very impressive. It offers a range of products that enhance the potency. In this text, we introduce you to one of them - Tadalis SX 20. This is a medicine produced by one of the worlds largest manufacturers - Ajanta Pharma Ltd...

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Tadalis SX

Family happiness, love, intimacy with beloved person - are the values that fill our lives with joy, but more than 30% of men in the world suffer from sexual disorders. Nowadays achievements of modern pharmacology are very impressive. It offers a range of products that enhance the potency.


Tadalis SX 20 is a medicine produced by one of the world’s largest manufacturers - Ajanta Pharma Ltd. It is a pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacture, development and marketing of quality dosages in international and domestic markets. Ajanta is situated in Mumbai, India, and belongs to one of the pharma companies with strong financial performance and manufacturing base.

Tadalis SX 20 is a generic and contains the active ingredient of original Cialis 20 mg online -Tadalafil 20 mg. This kind of dosage is used most often and gives a great effect. If you want to use the drug only for prophylaxis, it is better to order Tadalafil 5 mg or 10 mg. The drug has a gentle effect and in general causes no side effects. It increases blood circulation in the genital organs and relaxes the blood vessels in the male genitalia. Duration of action is 36 hours. It is tolerated by people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Tadalis will act in 30-40 minutes after taking the pill. It is not forbidden to drink alcohol and eat greasy food while taking the drug. Store it at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C.

Medication intake of Tadalis SX has some contraindications. There are some diseases which require selecting the dosage individually. You need to swallow and wash down the pill with water or any soft drink, except for grapefruit juice for 30-40 minutes before intimacy. Frequency of medication intake is once in 24-36 hours. For prophylactic intake 20 mg is too large dose. In this case, it’s enough 5 mg. An active substance Tadalafil is incompatible with medication containing nitrogen oxide, nitrates and also some antivirals, antibiotics and other drugs for increasing potency. The individual selection of dosage is required if you have certain diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, immune system.

By taking Tadalis SX 20 mg some side effects may occur:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • back pain
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • dizziness
  • runny nose, skin rash

Also you can try - Tadacip 20mg.


Bobby Fri, 27 Apr 18 19:24:53
Hi! What is difference between Tadalis and Tadacip? I can't decide what to choose.

The active substance of these two drugs is the same (Tadalafil), as well as the period of action (36 hours).The producers of these drugs are different, although both companies are Indian(manufacturer of Tadalis Sx is Ajanta Pharma Ltd, manufacturer of Tadacip- Cipla). The effect of both drugs is similar to the brand Cialis.The choice is yours.

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